Adventure Athlete is all about personalized performance coaching utilizing science backed methods.

A well developed and balanced training program will allow you to reach new heights in your ability to shred the trails.

We use sport science principles to ensure effective and efficient movement patterns. Coaching science to improve skills transfer and a keen attention to details pertaining to performance. We leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of performance.

Get a tailor made program

Once you become a part of the adventure athlete program you are more than just a number, each athlete is analyzed and screened as an individual and your individual needs will be met.

No athlete is the same and so no program should be either. We use metric tracking to ensure that the program is correctly suited to your level and your goals. All the programs are tailor made to your current abilities, equipment, and schedule.  Feedback from both the trainer and the athlete is encouraged and you will never be in the dark or feel forsaken. 

Exercise is general, training is specific. 


If you are an athlete willing to change the way you exercise in order to train towards a certain goal you are in the right place. Training with adventure athlete will give you the peace of mind that you are working effectively towards your goal, you will be motivated by the fact that your program is engineered specifically for your needs and you will enjoy the benefits of doing training that works rather than just tiring yourself out.

Adventure athlete strives to equip you with transferable movement skills to improve any athletic performance. While sports do differ the way your body functions remains a predictable constant. By understanding the intrinsic details of human movement and the physiology of the human body we can apply a training program that suits your needs as an athlete.

Our programing philosophy is based on the following:

  • Healthy movement patterns increase performance and decrease injuries
  • Physiologically backed progression improves the ability of the body to adapt to certain requirements.
  • Balanced programming consisting of all the relevant muscle contractions, neural activations and foundational movement patterns will create a superior athlete.
  • Our programs should always be backed by science, not by ego or pop culture.
  • Test, train, and retest allows for unbiased feedback and a better understanding of the athlete.


Hi, my name is Louis van der Walt. I am an adventure sport addict who loves everything outdoors.

I graduated BSc Human Movement Sciences and Physiology Cum Laude from NWU, and there after completed my BSc Hons. in Sport Science. After my formal education I attended a Level One TPI certification course and a Jump Stretch Elastic band course.

I was the lead Sport Scientist for boys at Hoër Volkskool, overseeing conditioning for Rugby, Golf, Cricket, Shooting and Archery. After my time at Hoër Volksool I moved to South Korea for International work experience. It was while enjoying MTB in Korea that I realized that my passion for sport performance and MTB can be combined to make riders better. I recently moved back to South Africa and I am excited to work with athletes that share a passion for the outdoors.

I have a passion for improving athletic performance and adventure sports allows me to apply this knowledge to a sporting code that not only benefits hugely from effective strength and conditioning but also inspires me by working with athletes that love to push the limits and venture outside their comfort zone.


For you to perform any MTB ride well a certain level of strength, mobility and coordination is required, once you do not possess one of these qualities it will be impossible for you to safely and efficiently enjoy your MTB rides. A well developed and balanced training program will improve all these abilities allowing you to reach new heights in your ability to shred the trails.

Even though riding often is fantastic exercise and does add to your athletic abilities only riding limits the adaptation of both the nervous system and the muscular system to be challenged in a very monotonous fashion leading to decent initial adaptation followed by a plateau of performance.

If you have a coach or follow a plan you will still benefit from functional training. At Adventure athlete we focus more on the movement capabilities of the rider and less on the skill of riding. A well-developed program will enable you to better execute the ques and skills your coach will demand of you. If you have ride plan your individual training program will be adapted to your current ride plan to integrate in your current training plan.

This is entirely up to you. Your program will be based on your level of fitness as well as your available equipment. In a well-designed program, there are loads of exercises that can be done with common objects around the house.

Most workouts will be done in 30 minutes to an hour. But it is customizable

Depending on the level of fitness most athletes will see meaning full results within 3 to 6 weeks.

No. You will work on mobility mostly by using exercises and not static stretching for prolonged periods.

If need be the program will include muscle building training, however most athletes will not gain significant amount of muscle from a MTB specific training program compared to conventional personal training.

No, if you can shred the trails you are not too old for strength training. And the training will help you shred safer for longer.

No, a rider of any ability will benefit from a strength and conditioning program. Besides the program will improve general quality of life outside of MTB riding as well.

Absolutely not. Nino Shurter has been well known to follow a rigorous gym-based training program. Cross Country or any other cycling sport will benefit from strength training.

Yes, this is possible. It will be different to what you are used to but working online is a very convenient option if you are constrained for time or if you are far away. And can be an excellent way to improve your athletic ability.




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