Performance Packages

The Adventure Athlete MTB performance packages:

If you want to improve your riding in a holistic fashion this is the package for you.

This feature loaded package is tailor made to each rider and aims to improve your riding by using Human Movement Science, MTB Skills Training, and Video analysis feedback.

We all move differently which is why we should not aim to ride the exact same way. By using a Movement Screen, your movement patterns are analyzed and then applied to your riding style.

With a better understanding of your movement, the MTB Skills coaching can be much more specific and individualized to your needs. After a riding analysis and video feedback like the attached clip, intervention strategies can be planned and executed accordingly.

The 3-session design of the package allows athletes to practice between sessions, to think about relevant questions and to reflect on what was learned in the previous session. This makes for a more gradual learning curve and a better progression model than single session lessons.

The small group sizes of 1-3 athletes allows for high quality coaching and a fun and relaxing environment, bring your mates along to enjoy the process with you. This also allows the package to be a cost-effective solution to improve your riding.

To add more value to the rider the package includes a MTB Strength Training program to be followed at home. As well as additional tips and techniques regarding frequently asked questions such as recovery techniques, fitness training, mobility and more.


Individual Athlete 1 on 1 sessions

Groups of 2 Athletes 
R550 per person

Groups of 3 Athletes
R450 per person

All packages are over the course of three individual 1-hour sessions to be scheduled at a time that suits the group and that is available at the time of booking.

Packages are nonrefundable, and cancelations within 24 hours of the booked session will forfeit the session. As far as possible sessions can be rescheduled on account of weather or other factors. Sessions should be completed within 2 months of purchase date. Sessions are preferably held at Tygerberg Mountain Bike Club Trail system, day permits are not included in the package pricing.

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